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HNC Electric is an automation & drive focused global company, providing global customers with control, display, drive and system solutions & other related products and services, under the support of its excellent electrical and electronic technology as well as strong control technical force.


HNC Electric listen and understand our clients requirement, by improving and upgrading our product functions and performance continuously , we provide and develop perfect products and solutions according to different requirement of the industry. Ourproducts have been used and applied successfully in packing, printing, textiles, plastic injection, elevator, machine tool, robot,wood cutting, stone carving, ceramic, glass, paper making industry, crane, fan & pump, new energy resources etc.


In order to provide more complete service and product for our customers internationally, meeting our customers expectations in the respect of time of delivery, solution support, after sales services and product customization support, HNC Electric has been searching for capable companies as our business partners, product agents and distributors, bringing good product quality and professional service to our clients globally. Up until now, we have already got customers and business partnerships built up in over 80 countries, which include Europe, North America, South America, Asian-pacific region, Middle East and Australia etc.


The superior quality and low cost of HNC Electric’s product are benefited from the mature and complete manufacturing system and the efficient logistic of China. Our talented and sufficient manpower, our rich engineering experiences, drives our product to be more complete and better in the respect of functions and performances.


HNC Electric, your professional electrical partner !



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