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On February 1st , 2024, AUCTECH hosted an online event,  the  Launch Conference of AUCTECHs New X-Series Cobot,  which  attracted over 200 active participants from over 30 global partners of HNC and AUCTECH.

During this conference, Mr. Aurora Yan, the managing director of AUCTECH, shared the brand-new X-Series Cobot products, bringing attendees a new product experience and technology outlook.

Meanwhile, Mr. Frank Zhou, the  technical director of  AUCTECH, engaged in in-depth discussions with attendees 

interested in the new product technology, answering technical questions about the X-series collaborative robots, which was widely praised.

The release of the X-Series Cobots garnered enthusiastic feedback from attendees, who highly praised its performance and application prospects. All  of them  agreed  that X-series  Cobots  have  great market potential.

This new product provides more cooperation opportunities for global partners and injects new momentum into AUCTECH's globalization. In future collaborations, AUCTECH will work with our partners to provide more intelligent and efficient robots and general automation products. Helping various industries to realize digital transformation and meet broader market prospects.

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