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HNC Automation Limited Warranty Policy


1. Warranty period for all products are 12 months since the purchasing date (With some exception with a special mark)

2. HNC Automation supplies the on-line service for all customers without a time limitation. Customers have to pay for the part cost while exceeding the warranty time.

3. Customers have the responsibility to read the user menu carefully and use the units in a right way to avoid any unnecessary faults.

4. During the warranty period, customer has to carry in the suspected faulty units or parts to HNC office, other way of shipping will not be accepted (Designated shipping company will be recommended). HNC Automation will collect from customer upon request; however at this moment shipping charges are paid by customer.

5. All suspected faulty units or parts will be inspected by HNC Automation upon receipt.

6. For the units or parts that is verified and agreed by HNC automation that the faulty or manufacturing defects are a result cause by non-customer error, we will replace with the brand new units or parts. Additionally, we will pay back the shipping charge to customer.

7. Replaced units or parts are warranted from the balance of the former warranty period.

8. Replaced units or parts will be same brand; same model from former models, exchange will not be accepted. If the units or parts are no longer in stock It will be replaced by another unit or part model of equal value.

9. For the units or parts are defective as a result due to customer error, customer shall be responsible for the two way return shipping charges. Customer should take back the units or parts within 15 business days. After 15 business days, it will consider as the customer has given it up.

10.Warranty will be null and void in any of the following events

- Units or parts damage is caused by collision and natural disasters, such as floods, fire, etc

- Label which quoted shipping date has been altered

-  Due to mechanical or motor vehicle charger (Alternator) over-pressure or lower electrical power output and result in charred pieces of lead

- Units or parts faulty due to customer abuse or negligence(e.g.:)

-  customer connects the input wires in a wrong way), units or parts will be detain and prepared to verify as evidence, however units or parts will not be return

- If any of the above events are not happen, the final compensation will base on final verification by manufacturer


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