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As a technology-driven and innovative company, HNC has been committed to the development of new technologies and new products, and constantly upgrade the product based on market feedback and practical application requirements.

We are very pleased to inform you that the new generation of PLC products main unit, A1P/A2P/ A8P, are officially on the market, they have

  • More optimized structural design
  • Higher performance
  • More convenient to use

A1P/A2P are the new generation of LX1S/LX1N/A1/A2.

A8P is the new generation of A8.

Features and benefits:

Ø  Same program software HCP Works with last generation, no need to relearn

Ø  A1P/A2P/A8P compatible with NPN/PNP input, cost saving and better adaptability

Ø  A1P/A2P/A8P have built-in battery, saving data is more reliable

Ø  A2P/A8P can matching A8C right extension modules directly, no conversion needed any more

Ø  A8P main unit supports up to 200KHz high speed DI/DO

Ø  Optimized structural design, smaller size, save installation space

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