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The new HNC sensor is finally here!
Good quality / Great EMC features / Long-life Design / High precision
Adhering to the principle of customer first, we formally release HNC sensor products from the perspective of customer needs.
Please allow me to introduce HNC's new product series, HNC SENSOR.

Rotary encoder:
Complete models: The product series includes solid shaft, hollow shaft, half-hollow shaft and cone shaft models, servo-specific encoders, and wire encoders. Such as:
Size: Φ25mm/Φ30mm/Φ38mm/Φ48mm/Φ58mm/Φ60mm/Φ80mm/Φ100mm
Resolution: 100PPR/200PPR/300PPR/360PPR/400PPR/500PPR/600PPR/1000PPR/1024PPR/2000PPR/2048PPR/2500PPR/5000PPR/
Proximity sensor:
Complete model: Capacitive / Inductive / Hall in Square and cylindrical sensor. Can detect metal, non-metal, magnet and other materials, such as:
Cylindrical Diameter: 4mm/5mm/8mm/12mm/18mm/30mm
Detection distance: 1mm/1.5mm/2mm/4mm/5mm/8mm/10mm/15mm
Photoelectric Sensors:
Complete models: including diffuse reflection, retro-reflection, and through-beam type.
Various installation methods: including cylindrical installation and square installation.
Large monitoring range: from 5cm to 50m, according to your needs, we provide the most suitable products for you.
Area sensor:
Number of beams: Up to 24
Optical axis spacing: 35mm

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