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HT3000 IoT HMI (NEW!)
On the basis of satisfying functions of general HMI, HT3000 series HMI can also perfectly realize all functions of IoT through HNC cloud platform, cloud engine, MQTT and cloud APP.

    On the basis of satisfying functions of general HMI, HT3000 series HMI can also perfectly realize all functions of IoT through HNC cloud platform, cloud engine and cloud APP.

    HNC Cloud is a cross-platform industrial Internet of Things cloud platform that supports PC, iPad, Android,and iOS multi-platform terminals. Simply put, HNC Cloud is a complete set of cloud service solutions forthe automation industry. It covers HNC Cloud website, cloud configuration, cloud HMI, cloud APP and other products. Through the HNC cloud platform, users can remotely access machines and equipment on the site thousands of miles away, realize remote monitoring and maintenance of HMI and PLC, realize remote programming, firmware upgrade, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging, etc. In summary, the HNC cloud platform has 9 major Features, it can help users realize the functions of cloud networking, cloud access, cloud video, cloud alarm, cloud engine, cloud management, cloud security, cloud translation and cloud map.

    The HNC Cloud provides a secure communication mechanism. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure stable data transmission. A-Key and B-Key protection mechanisms are also set up on the device side to ensure the safety and reliability of remote access devices.

The IoT BUS APP supports iPad, Android, and iOS multi-platform terminals. Users can search for

“IoT Bus” for free download through the major APP application stores.

1.  16 million true color TFT LCD, LED backlight, rich and real content. 4G Flash + 512M RAM.

2.  Integrated HNC Cloud service, built-in HNC cloud engine. Support serial port / U disk / SD card / Ethernet / HNC cloud and other methods of program download.

3.  Support third-party SCADA software programming management. Support cloud/mobile phone access control, strong operability.

4.  Innovative A/B Key security mechanism, multilingual automatic translation, mobile payment support, weather forecast display.

5.  Multi-screen networking. The innovative network networking method is easy, fast, convenient and practical. Support multiple terminal size screen custom display, multi-screen interactive management.

6.  Support MQTT protocol. Can be connected to the database server, easily realize data collection and reporting, and dock with ERP/MES and other systems.

7.  Support cloud transparent transmission. Can remotely program, upload and download, firmware upgrade, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging PLC program. Detect on-site abnormal conditions anytime and anywhere.

8.  Support edge computing. Realize edge computing through the built-in script engine, function calculation, and interaction with device data in the terminal.

9.  Support multiple third-party protocols. Built-in a variety of industrial equipment drivers, support the current mainstream PLC,VFD, instruments.

10.  Integrated cloud access & alarm push, You can easily perform remote cloud access control on local or remote HMI devices through cloud APP and cloud website. Real-time abnormal monitoring alarm, the alarm information is pushed to the designated management personnel in real-time. Alarm notifications can be received via mobile APP, SMS, etc.

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